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About us

History is not about arranging bits of paper. The highest mental powers, those of Bach or Newton are not required … A very modest IQ will suffice to make a successful historian, if motivation and curiosity are there – and one might surely add physical stamina and a certain indifference to boredom.”┬áJohn Vincent, An Intelligent Person’s Guide to History

Welcome to Hidden Histories

Eastside Community Heritage was established in 1993 as part of the Stratford City Challenge community history project. In 1997 Eastside became an independent charity. Over the years Eastside has worked on numerous projects documenting the lives of ‘ordinary’ people from, and who live in, East London. We aim to

  • inform people through the provision of heritage and cultural based activities such as exhibitions, publications, dramas, workshops etc.
  • empower individuals and groups to access the resources to write, rewrite, record, publish and present their own histories and that of the local area and community.
  • promote civic pride through active participation and involvement in community affairs.
  • promote greater harmony and understanding of interracial and inter generational experiences through historical explorations.
  • celebrate the cultures and heritage of East London’s diverse communities.
  • provide independent historical, social research and evaluation.

In 1999 Eastside Community Heritage established the East London People’s Archive which now holds over 1000 oral histories, thousands of photographs and video material all preserved and archived for public benefit.