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Working Lives

Memories of Dagenham Dock

When we think of Dagenham we often think of Fords, but the borough’s industrial heritage owes much to a lighterman called Samuel Williams. In 1887 Samuel Williams bought marsh land around a lake known as the Dagenham Breach and built it up using waste from the river Thames. This is what is known today as the Dagenham Docks. In 1929 he sold a large portion of this land to the Ford Car Company. Samuel Williams and Sons continued to grow as a dock distribution company until its closure in the early 1980s.
In 2009 Eastside Community Heritage conducted a series of interviews with people who worked for Samuel Williams and Sons during and after the war, they were dockers, lorry drivers, train drivers, shunters, engineers and carpenters, this film (see trailer above) uses their testimony and archive footage of the docks to document its rich industrial past.

Playing In West Ham

Ireland Trailer

On The Beach

The People’s Record

Video from GAD (Greenwich Association for the Disabled) workshops about the Olympics.