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Teviot Estate

Teviot Estate

The Teviot Estate is situated in Poplar which is a part of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The Estate was built in the 1950’s with further housing built in the 1970’s. The area surrounding the Estate has a long and varied history. Poplar was part of the manor of Stepney in Doomsday Times, one of the many hamlets which grew up along the River Thames. One of the theories was that the name referred to the number of poplar trees growing in the area, however there is no real evidence to support this. It is possible that a single poplar tree grew on the high ground north of the Isle of Dogs, visible from the river, which provided a sighting point for mariners.

The Teviot Estate has seen many changes. The closure of the docks has had a drastic impact on the Estate and resulted in major unemployment in the area. This, along with under funding from the local council for repairs and maintenance on the Estate, has resulted in a neglected and unsafe place to live with little activity and resources for the inhabitants.

However, the local community has always pulled together to raise awareness of the problems and have tried to find solutions. In 1983, plans to privatise the Teviot estate were largely objected by the local community, who pulled together and worked to stop the plans. With strong community ties, the residents on the Teviot know there is a lot to do and are working out ways of getting it done.

“We love living on the Estate, we know everyone. Things are getting better, there is more to do here now. It could be better, less crime, less vandalism but it is our home. We would like more to do, a swimming pool or a cinema.” Children from the Teviot Estate, July 2002