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Bridging the Gap

Bridging The Gap is a multimedia project based on the Aberfeldy Estate in East London. We conducted oral histories with elder residents to find out about their lives and document the area’s heritage.

Aberfeldy residents hop-picking in Kent 1950s

Aberfeldy residents hop-picking in Kent 1950s

The most people you see are the ones that live on your landing, you hardly ever get to meet the other people on the other landings. When I first moved in the security intercoms and all that didn’t exist. That came into operation after I moved in but even then you didn’t see the people across the way. You don’t really get to know people all that well you know.

I think that this community has had a parade of shops and whatever may have happened to that parade of shops over the years at least it has had one. Whereas in those communities where there is no such parade of shops there is a great deal more movement in and out on a daily basis. And, of course, there is an evolution of behavior that is different.

2004_esch_abfd_p15_01I think that would be particularly obvious vis-a-vis Aberfeldy area and the next door area on Teviot and also the area south of East India Dock Road. Where yes there is a street it’s got shops on it, but it’s long and it’s quite different now from the way it has been. And it’s a kind of a linear area whereas this one is a triangular area, maybe there’s something of that. Teviot is a different shape from here.

My dad worked in the docks but not all his life. He ended up that he used to work in the em…In [indistinct] we had what then became the trolleybus depot and he worked there for about 20 years.

But to start off with he used to work in the docks y’know? ┬áBut of course then it got hard in the docks, they picked who they wanted sort of thing. If your face fit, y’know? And more often than not he was out of work than he was in and that was it (laughs). And that was it.