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What is work?

Lesson Objectives:

  • To understand where and how people used to work
  • To explain how people work today

2 minutes

  • What work do your family do?
  • Where do they work?
  • Do they wear special work clothes?

Beckton Gasworks


Listen to the two audio extracts

Click Here to download the transcript of this audio.


  • What work did Thomas do?

  • Would you like to have Thomas’ job?

Please explain your answers

Beckton Gasworks Map

Beckton Gasworks 1746

The Local Area

How Beckton would have looked in 1746

Beckton Begins... 1870

Beckton Gasworks 1900

How to make Town Gas

From coal to gas

Beckton Gasworks 1960

Plenary  •  Write a story

Imagine you work with Thomas Brooks

Each table will write a story using one of the five senses:


What Happened To The Gas Works?

Homework  •  Ask your family

Produce a poster that describes in words and pictures where your family work.

Please include:

  • The hours that they work
  • The clothes that they wear at work
  • What they like about their work