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What is work?

Lesson Objectives:
To understand where and how people used to work
To explain how people work today
2 minutes
  • What work do your family do?
  • Where do they work?
  • Do they wear special work clothes?



Listen to the this audio extract

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  • What work did David do?

  • Would you like to have David’s job?

  • Please explain your answers

BICC Erith

BICC 1950 - Making Cables

Think of your house.

What do you use cables for?

What did they make?

Electric Fuses

Aircraft Control Cables

Types of Cables

Name the types of cable you can see.

Can you think of any others?

Plenary  •  Produce an advertisement poster for the uses of cable

Include images connected to the following words:


Please include any others you can think of.

Homework  •  Ask your family

Describe in words and pictures where your family work. Please include:
  • The hours that they work
  • The clothes that they wear at work
  • What they like about their work